WAEC 2019 Animal Husbandry Obj & Essay Question & Answers Expo/Runz


WAEC 2019 Animal Husbandry (Obj & Essay) Answers – April

1a) i)
– Bee keeping requires less time, money and infrastructure investments

-Honey and beeswax can be produced from an area of little agricultural value

– The Honey bee does not compete for resources with any other agricultural enterprise.

-Beekeeping can be initiated by individuals or groups

-The market potential for honey and wax is high

1. Buy the Bee
2.choose your hive system
3.gather beekeeping supplies
4.introduce bees to the hive
5.keep your bee healthy and happy


– Use a hybrid or cross bred female.

-Satisfy the nutritional requirements of the sow both in pregnancy and lactation.

-Bring a healthy sow into the farrowing house.

-Achieve good birth weights.

-Ensure each pig receives maximum colostrum at birth.

i)For food production e.g milk and meat
ii)They are used as source of power in the farm.
iii)They serve as source of hides.
iv)They serve as source of income to farmers
v)They provides raw materials for industry.
vi)Their horns are used for decoration.

2a) Separators

cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry

Artificial pasture refers to an area of land covered with forage grasses and legumes which are deliberately planted by man

i) extend the growing season of a pasture
ii) increase the organic matter content of the soil over time because of grass root systems
iii) reduce weed encroachment
iv) reduce erosion
v) produce higher yields
vi) improve the palatability

Choose any three

(1) village systems
(2) extensive systems
(3) semi-intensive systems
(4) very intensive
(5) integration

-Mixed production:
(I) it includes both agriculture and livestock
(ii)it can be either intensive or extensive.
(iii)it used for exploitation of both irrigated or non-irrigated land and they are common in some parts of America, Europe and Asia.

-Intensive farming:
(i) it is mainly used for livestock.
(ii)it is used to breed pigs, chickens, laying hens, cattle and even fish
(iii)they are common in north America, Europe and Asia and in heavy populated areas in general, where the demand for meat and proteins is very high.

-Extensive farming:
(i)it is used on large non-cultivated land where animals can graze freely
(ii)it is use for cattle, to produce meat and milk, sheep and goats.
(iii)It is more common in Central and South America

· Coffee brewing machine
· Coffee bean grinding machine
· Tea dispenser
· Bread slicing machine
· Salamander
· Hot cupboard
· Steamer and hotwater boiler
· Refrigertors
· Work table and cutting board
· General storage space, shelves and cupboards
· Sinks, washing machines and dish washers.

Zebu cattle are usually red or grey in colour
They are horned
They have loose skin
They have large ears and have a hump above their shoulders.
This breed is used for its milk, meat and as draft animals

Choose any five

the regulation of body temperature
lubrication of joints excretion

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