DOWNLOAD MP4: Soulja Boy – Who Run It Freestyle (Official Music Video)


soulja boy who run it freestyle video


Soulja Boy is working on Swag 2 and now he follows “Push To Start” and “Jumped Out The Phantom” with an official music video for his “Who Run It” freestyle.

The SODMG rapper recently hit up Twitter in celebration of his gaming console launch saying:

“Wow made $250,000 from my game console it’s only been less than 24 hours since release wtf thank you guys so much 😳🙏🏾. Whoa I got Rolling Stone and Forbes requesting a interview oh shit.”

He’s also been in a heated battle with Shopify over what he claims is racist customer service. Soulja took screenshots of their conversation and told the e-commerce web service he was going to expose them.

Watch the Starwaee-directed footage below and expect Swag 2 in the near future. You can order your own Soulja Boy handheld and gaming console here.



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