Which Rapper Is The King Of Punchline Or Wordplay In Nigeria?

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Hi Brothers & Sisters on Zaravibes,

We have a very nice topic to discuss about today on our great platform, and it’s about telling ourselves which rapper we think deserves the punchline crown in the nation music industry.

In the industry now, we’ve got a colossal number of rappers and most of them are doing extremely fine and well. I love rap music to be sincere, I know you do too.

The beautiful thing about rap music is when the rappers Paint the words and make the audience go “oh!”

These features of Rap Music is known as “Punchline” and “Metaphor” respectively have become the order among Nigerian rappers and we have had quite a number of that “wow” moments from our brilliant rap artistes.

This is why Rap Music has evolved into a form of art that is so synonymous with the competition of the wittiest.

So, let’s discuss;

Which rapper will you call king of punchlines?

Drop your comments & Enjoy your weekend!

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