How Rihanna Almost Went Bankrupt In 2008


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Fast forward a few years later Rihanna not only left her longtime manager, but she also sued her accountants for bad business management.

In 2008, there was a tremendous talk circling the net that Rihanna nearly went bankrupt, with just $20,000 to her name and mounting obligation, however it was rapidly hidden where no one will think to look.

Quick forward a couple of years after the fact Rihanna left her long-lasting director, yet she additionally sued her bookkeepers for awful business the board.

And after that in the year 2009, TMZ uncovered that genuinely Rihanna nearly went bankrupt, since she accepted awful business guidance from her bookkeepers.

They supposedly disclosed to her that it was alright to purchase a $7 million home without advising her that her moneymaker, the “Keep going Girl On Earth Tour,” was really losing cash.

In 2014 she figured out how to win a court argument against her previous bookkeeper Peter Gounis of Berdon and was granted a $10 million settlement.

10 years after she was with only $20,000 in her record, Rihanna ricocheted back more enthusiastically than any time in recent memory and has in this way turned into the wealthiest female performer on the planet with a collected worth of $600 million.

This fortune was collected through her music profession as well as through her excellence image Fenty Beauty and as of late settled style house Fenty Mansion.

As per Forbes the multi-hyphenate obtained quite a bit of her riches through her association with French extravagance aggregate LVMH which she propelled her magnificence beautifying agents line with in 2017.

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