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First Holiday As a Couple: How to Do It Right

Many rightly believe that joint trips are a test for relationships. Therefore, before organizing a joint holiday, you need to think carefully and read a few recommendations from that can help avoid unnecessary disappointments and conflicts.

Determine the purpose of joint travel

If you want your holiday to be successful, then the main thing is the similar perception about ​​a trip. If your girl prefers a comfortable beach vacation or a shopping tour and you are a fan of extreme tourism with overnight stays in a tent and river rafting, then it will not be so easy for you to find a common language. Discuss possible leisure options. You need to do this in advance so as not to spoil your vacation. And it is better to do extreme rafting and a shopping tour with friends who like the same things. It is best to go somewhere to the sea. This is definitely the best variant of romantic holidays for young couples.

Start small

If the experience of your relationship is small, then a joint two-week vacation is not the best idea. It’s like a decision to live together after a week of meetings. The probability of quarreling because of small trifles is quite big. Learn the habits and preferences of each other before going on a long voyage. Don’t look for exotic holidays for couples. At the very beginning of a relationship, it is quite enough to spend weekends outside the city.

Plan your budget

The most common conflict in the preparation for joint rest is money. It is useful to discuss what amounts and for what purposes you are going to spend.

Curb sex expectations

What a vacation without crazy sex? Many couples expect some stunning bedtime pleasures on vacation. She packs the best clothes in a suitcase, you, looking at it, expect the hottest nights. But by the evening, can you become tired after visiting the best places for couples holidays. But it is not a problem – make love in the morning.

Live offline

Agree that it freaks out when your girl is absorbed by her smartphone all the time. Don’t let this habit spoil your holidays. Relationship experts recommend establishing a limit on communication on the Web on the eve of departure. If a complete moratorium on access to the Internet is impossible, determine how often you can be online. For example, it can be an hour a day before breakfast for checking e-mails. Let your lover violate the law of “no social networks” if she wants to post a beach photo of you two in her Instagram. It is very important for girls.

Relatives or friends: do you need them?

Exploring holidays for couples, weigh all the pros and cons of such a trip with friends or relatives. Firstly, the time that you spend together can be significantly reduced. Secondly, it will be more difficult to change routes, a cultural program, and a choice of hotels. Thirdly, you have to be confident in your fellow travelers. Be sure to take the time to dedicate it to each other and look for places to go on holiday as a couple.

Perfectionism is not the best option

Refuse excessively high demands! Don’t pay attention to the little things that can pretty spoil your vacation. Don’t quarrel because of the difficulties with the arriving in a hotel, bad weather, or a flight that is delayed for some reason. A sense of humor and good emotions are your saviors in such situations. You lost your baggage – this is a good reason to update your wardrobe; you lost in an unfamiliar city – so what? Consider this a small adventure that will be fun to remember; if the weather is not good enough – this is an occasion for a romantic dinner in some cozy restaurant. If you don’t pay attention such troubles, you will bring only romantic and positive memories from your vacation.

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