Chief Felix Idiga Jafac- Beyond Political Aspirations Chief Felix Idiga Is More

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© Ositadimma Izuchukwu Anslem, 2018

The hallmark and the very essence of living is not necessarily the actions that are targeted towards personal satisfaction and bliss. At the ultimate demise of all mortals, the chorus of a life well lived or not shall be heralded by the lives affected, positively or adversely. Amidst the narcissistic and egocentric epithets people assume with so much fanfare, the man Chief Felix Idiga is distinguished. In keeping to the enormous responsibilities of the title which his people conferred on him – “nkwa chukwu kwere Orlu”, meaning God’s promise to the Orlu people; “JAFAC” as he’s preferably called has continued to be the figure that elicits smiles from the faces of his constituents, through his philanthropic outfit which has spanned for over a decade – The JAFAC Foundation.

The JAFAC foundation over the years has continued to show the people that there is a difference between having riches and being rich in spirit. Through the foundation, many have been gifted with seed monies. His numerous empowerments through the various Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) schemes, arises from his angst against the monster of unemployment . The feeding, health and educational needs of the less privileged are regularly catered for amongst others as hospital and school bills are picked regularly. Severe health complications are also taken abroad for more medical attention. Capital projects are not excluded in the list. The nooks and crannies of Imo State can testify with presence of durable access roads, with drainages and street lights, portable water, amidst other cooperate social responsibilities. Invariably, he has become more useful to his people that the plethora of public office holders that has occupied various exalted political offices in Imo State over the years. Chief Felix Idiga remains one of the few persons his people continue to yearn for in driving the affairs of their polity.

Bishop Desmond Tutu once opined that whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government. For the quest of a better platform to affect the lives of his people, history can attest to the various attempts of Chief Idiga at clinching some political offices in the past – governorship and senatorial. This does not depict political desperation but a sincere desire to humane to the vast majority of his people who have been disappointed in this regard. The leadership of Imo people must reflect her literacy level. Since a society is as good as their leaders, then a new narrative of a people has to be peddled. Ahead of the 2019 general elections, the business mogul and philanthropist extraordinaire has been beckoned upon to vie for the position of the representative of the Orlu, Orsu and Oru-East federal constituency. He also have obliged. We need to give him all the support he can get. Imo must be better in our time.


© Ositadimma Izuchukwu Anslem, 2018


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