#BBNaija 2018 Day 34 : Ahneeka And Angel Pair Get Rewarded For Winning

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Big brother has made it some sort of ritual in the #bbnaija house for housemates to take part in the highly competitive Arena Games and for the winner to get rewarded.

For the #bbnaija Housemates, Friday nights have ushered in the weekend leading to the Live Shows. With a prize as an added incentive, the #bbnaija Housemates usually give their best to the Games as they leave the Arena all sweaty and excited from getting their blood running so fast from adrenaline surge.

This week, Ahneeka emerged winner of the #bbnaija arena games and she was overjoyed to have finally won her first prize since entering the House.

Everyone was surprised though they warmly cheered her and acknowledged her efforts. As her teammate, Angel was inevitably ecstatic about Ahneeka’s win for it meant that he too would benefit from it.

He couldn’t contain himself as the pride in his eyes for Ahneeka whom it was obvious he really fancied, was clear for all to see. When the time came for them to get rewarded, Ahneeka and Angel walked up to the bedroom where two massage tables had been laid out for them.

Wearing a pair of skimpy jeans shorts, Ahneeka removed her t-shirt and buried her head in the table ready to fully enjoy the reward. Angel waited for her to be in full massage position to then remove his tracksuit bottom and lie on the adjacent massage table.

Angel however couldn’t help it and he cheekily started groaning loudly, which alerted the other #bbnaija Housemates who came running up to the bedroom, only to find both of them receiving massages on their well-oiled backs.

General laughter ensued all through the house, as the #bbnaija Housemates stood there enviously watching and wishing they too were receiving massages.

Later on, Ahneeka and Angel emerged from this very special treat looking all refreshed and relaxed. This however didn’t go unnoticed by Rico Swavey as he poked Ahneeka that she looked like she was on another planet.

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